Forgotten Origins of Flying Saucers with Chris Aubeck | Talking Weird #61

Chris Aubeck was born in London. He has lived in Spain since 1991, where he teaches English. He started his journey into exploring UFO history in his early teens and has collaborated with some of the best minds in the field.(His Amazon author page: )He is the founder of the historical research group Magonia Exchange, an international archival project with members in ten countries. Author and coauthor of a number of books, including Wonders in the Sky (2010) with Jacques Vallee, Return to Magonia (2015) with Martin Shough, OOPARTs (2015), Señales (2018), Viajes Inexplicables (2018), and Alien Artifacts (2022), he lectures widely and regularly contributes to radio programs in both English and Spanish.He visits with Talking Weird to chat about his brand new, and ground-breaking book: SAUCERS: TRACING THE ORIGINS OF DISC-SHAPED UFOS.Why does the term “flying saucer” appear in newspapers fifty years before UFOs were first sighted in 1947? Why did the original witness, Kenneth Arnold, insist he never saw disc-shaped objects at all? Can we find signs of disc-shaped objects through the ages? And have they become almost extinct today?In SAUCERS, veteran ufologist Chris Aubeck takes the reader on a deep dive into Arnold's own first-hand accounts and, for the first time, presents evidence that we might have been chasing the wrong flying objects all along.For anyone puzzled why saucers once flooded the skies yet scarcely appear now, SAUCERS sheds new light on the origins of this iconic symbol. No matter where you stand on this controversial issue, this book will challenge your views. There has never been a better time to be informed about how flying saucers became embedded in our culture!This is likely the most important Talking Weird episode of the year, filled with revelatory knowledge and insight. You do not want to miss it!