Four Down South Bigfoot Researchers with the Squatch Watchers | Untold Radio AM #187

In this thrilling episode of Untold Radio AM, we're sitting down with Tate, Taylor, Toby, and David, four fearless friends who have dedicated years to investigating the unknown. From the dense forests of North Carolina to haunted buildings and alien encounters, these guys stop at nothing to uncover the truth behind cryptids and paranormal phenomena.

Get ready to join the hunt as the Squatch Watchers take us deep into the heart of Sasquatch territory, sharing their most compelling evidence and hair-raising encounters. With their unwavering determination and cutting-edge investigation techniques, you'll be on the edge of your seat as they bring the search for Bigfoot to life like never before.

Tune in to Untold Radio AM Episode 187 and let hosts Doug and Alex Hajicek guide you through this mind-blowing journey with the Squatch Watchers. Together, we'll explore the mysteries of the world and the incredible lengths these four friends will go to in their quest for the truth.

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