Frankie Louise AI: Spooky Action in the Uncanny Valley | Down South Anomalies #69

Frankie Louise (LA, Sydney), is an experimental creative director currently exploring the augmentation of the human and it's impact on art, philosophy and psychology. As co-founder of L.A based OTHERR - a non-human sentience research lab, Frankie is committed to projects that awaken the experience of being outside the 'program' and embracing novelty. In 2023, OTHERR, created and staged a live algorithmic performance ‘The Last Human’, an innovative crucible where man and machine collaborate on stage, inviting you to consider our current existential predicament as humans. As we embrace the rise of artificial intelligence and the ascent of the technocracy, conscious creators are our best chaperones into the unknown. DM Frankie on Instagram handle is @wearethebeyondLink to talk on YouTubeBeing Human In The Age of AI.'What's the Future?' Integral Conference, Sedona, AZ, Nov, 2022 the LIRICA video we can share - it's a 'proof of concept' video for the documentary called THE SUNMAN and it will use AI to bring Doug’s art to life.