Frontiers of Science: Should we be conCERNed | Down South Anomalies #76

Science and its many disciplines has always been mystifying, complex and convoluted in the eyes of the lay person. How do we bridge the gap? Well, back in 1961 at Sydney University a physicist Stuart Butler and a maverick film and Television producer Bob Raymond came together to do just that. They created a daily comic strip in the Sydney Morning Herald that would visualise and explain the "Frontiers of Science" in far more palatable terms. It was a huge success on the world wide stage and predicted many scientific and technical achievements that we are seeing today. Link below is to the University archive that has preserved these strips. In 1967 American physicist and intrepid UFO researcher James E. McDonald visited Australia, in a Four Corners interview the clarity of his insight into the UFO situation is made clear. In retrospect his statements sound very contemporary and echo the dismissal of the subject today. On April 8th we will witness a total eclipse of the sun which has created much speculation and fear that is not based in real science Jay and Aspasia try to dispel those misconceptions.