Is Bigfoot Real? Discussion with Dr. Jeff Meldrum | The Bigfoot Infuencers #22

Tim and Dana have an amazing and entertaining conversation with Dr. Jeff Meldrum. He has been scientifically studying the Bigfoot phenomenon for almost 30 years and is a expert in primate bi-pedal locomotion. The evidence that Dr. Meldrum has studied makes a compelling case for the possible existence of relict hominoids in North America and around the world. They discuss anatomy, footprint evidence, evolution possibilities, and Dr. Meldrum shares some funny stories throughout their chat. A fascinating episode, don't miss this one! #Bigfoot, #Sasquatch, #Thebigfootinfluencers, #Monsterquest, #Anatomy, #IdahoStateUniversity, #Drjeffmeldrum, #Bigfootevidence
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