EP 88 ─ John Urban – Bigfoot Historian

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Famous John Urban is a retired heavy metal musician, music journalist, published author and illustrator, Bigfoot researcher, cartoonist, and caricature artist.

After being the bassist of heavy metal band Brat on Parr Records, Hades Paradise Records, and Retrospect Records, he became a music journalist for various magazines and newspapers, including Aardschok America Magazine and the Tampa Tribune Newspaper.

He interviewed many famous artists, including Gene Simmons of Kiss, Joey Ramone, and Ronnie James Dio. He also has a degree in commercial art and was a professional caricature artist for Busch Gardens Theme Park, Zoo Tampa, and the Florida Aquarium since 1999. He has two books that are both available on Amazon. com.

Being a believer in Bigfoot since a young age after seeing a documentary about Patterson and Gimlin's famous Bigfoot film at a theater as a small child, Famous John just released his first coloring book, "Famous Bigfoot and Yeti Encounters Coloring Book." His debut was a book about werewolves that Famous John both wrote and illustrated called "Ward the Wolf Boy, Night Terrors." this collectible Bigfoot coloring book is a gallery of whimsical yet extreme cryptozoological artwork in graphic detail.

More than just a coloring book of authentic Bigfoot art. It brings to life the unique and diverse Bigfoot and Yeti creatures witnessed on nearly every continent since man first began recording history. They all are giant, hair-covered creatures that walk upright on two legs, but that is where the similarity ends. Some have apelike faces; some look more human, and some look like cavemen.

This collection features the most famous creatures and the most epic Bigfoot myths, legends, encounters, and attacks. You will come face to face with the Patterson-Gimlin creature, the Boggy Creek Monster, Momo the Missouri Monster, Gigantopithecus, the Minnesota Iceman, Rock Apes of Vietnam, the Russian Dyatlov Pass Incident, the Ape Canyon attack, the Mount Saint Helens Bigfoot rescue, Zana the Russian Yeti, Jacko the Ape-Boy, the Tennessee Wildman, the Blue Man of the Ozarks, and the Abominable Snowman -- everything from Skunk Ape to Sasquatch!

This book is a must (and makes a great gift) for all Bigfoot enthusiasts, believers, and anyone intrigued by Bigfoot. All are presented in breathtaking detail and a surreal mixture of fact and folklore. Just add color! Famous Bigfoot and Yeti Encounters Coloring Book