EP 74 ─ Kevin Randle – Levelland UFO Incident

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Kevin Randle is a retired Army lieutenant colonel, served in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot and aircraft commander, and in Iraq as a battalion intelligence officer.

He began his writing career contributing to UFO magazines and for more than forty years has published more than 100 books including science fiction, action adventure and almost 30 books about UFOs. He has appeared on dozens of TV shows and documentaries and hundreds of radio shows. He hosts the blogs A Different Perspective, Vietnam Ground Zero and The Science Fiction Site.

He can be heard on the ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network and does a weekly segment on Coast-to-Coast AM.

His most recent books are UFOs and the Deep State, Encounter in the Desert: The Socorro UFO Landing, The Best of Project Blue Book and Roswell in the 21st Century.


On November 2, 1957, a series of sightings of a glowing, egg-shaped object was seen around the West Texas town of Levelland, USA. Multiple witnesses at multiple locations reported their cars stalled at the close approach of the UFO. Over a two-hour period, the object terrorized the witnesses. The Hockley County Sheriff, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and even officers from Reese Air Force Base saw the UFO. A comprehensive investigation has, for the first time, uncovered additional witnesses and reveals the Air Force clandestine attempts to resolve the case without revealing the true nature of the events.

The Levelland sightings are not the only time that reports of stalled cars and other interaction with the environment was reported. In France and South America, in 1954, similar reports were made, many of them including descriptions of creatures from the UFOs.

Levelland is the first book to examine this aspect of the UFO phenomenon in depth and provide detailed eye witness testimony from law enforce officers along with an examination of the once classified, official investigation. The true story of the Levelland UFO is revealed and it will change minds. About the author:

Kevin Randle is a prominent ufologist. Within the UFO community, he is often regarded as one of the preeminent experts on the reported crash of a UFO near Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. He is a professional best-selling author with over 100 books to his name. He has a Ph.D. in psychology and was in the United States Air Force and the National Guard where he held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before retiring in 2009.

Kevin can be contacted on email directly at: KRandle993@aol.com

Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_D._Randle

Website/Blog: http://kevinrandle.blogspot.com/2008/07/on-personal-note.html