Legend of the Pukwudgie with Susy Bastille | Talking Weird #84

Susy Bastille is an independent researcher of the elusive and often maligned pukwudgie (that diminutive forest dwelling humanoid, and trickster, of Wampanoag folklore). Born and raised in CT, Susy's focus has been in the rich history of strange and spooky occurrences in New England.

Her research into pukwudgies led her to delve into the mystery of the Bridgewater triangle, one of New England’s most infamous high strangeness areas. The area has phenomena including numerous ghost sightings, bigfoot, thunderbirds, giant snakes, phantom lights, UFOs and of course pukwudgies. Susy is currently working on an archival project of wee folk sightings and related phenomenon across the country.

Visit Susy's blog: https://pukwudgies.blogspot.com

Susy visits with Talking Weird to chat about her research into the mysterious, and some say dangerous, Puckwudgies, and all kinds of assorted weirdness, from fairies, through Bigfoot, to UFOs and the Shaver Mystery. This is a fun and at times spooky conversation!