Maury Island UFO, Deros, & JFK with Bryan Shickley | Talking Weird #24

Bryan Shickley is an animator and director from the Seattle area. He is best known for his award winning short film FRED CRISMAN: CAVE OF THE SPACE NAZIS as well as an upcoming documentary on the same subject.

The late Fred Crisman is a notorious figure in both UFO and conspiracy theory lore. He claimed to battle the subterranean "Deros": Those ancient and malevolent beings written about in the allegedly true stories of Richard Shaver, and published and publicized by Ray Palmer as "The Shaver Mystery" in AMAZING STORIES.

He was also at the heart of the Maury Island UFO crash (many say hoax) which was also publicized by Ray Palmer, and investigated by the world's first "flying saucer" witness Kenneth Arnold.

Years later, Crisman was accused of being involved in the conspiracy that assassinated JFK. Some even claimed he was one of the "three tramps" arrested in Dallas on that dark day in history, and one of the gunmen who shot Kennedy.

Bryan visits with Talking Weird to chat about these weird theories and stories, as well as his animated Fred Crisman films and upcoming documentary about the mysterious man.

Don't miss this fun and lively chat that spirals down the Fred Crisman lore rabbit hole!