Michael Heiser Remembered | Mysterious Library #27

The flag above the Mysterious Library flies at half-mast this week. Your hosts Dr. Dean Bertram and Jason McLean will be reflecting on the work and legacy of the great Biblical scholar Dr. Michael S. Heiser (1963-2023). He departed this world yesterday, Monday the 20th of February.

Your Mysterious Librarians will be discussing his work, and reflecting on his legacy, which has re-popularized almost forgotten Biblical concepts which reminded us of the complexities and richness of the Unseen Realm. Including the Divine Council, the true nature of demons, angels, and other Elohim, and the fact that there was not one "Fall" (ie the well known Garden of Eden narrative), but, in fact, three.

Your librarians will also discuss how this recollected, but almost lost, knowledge, offers alternative insight into what might be behind much of the paranormal phenomena that still haunts this planet today, from encounters with spirits to alien abductions. This is a reflective, and, may we suggest, important episode, that library card holders do not want to miss!