Minimizing Bias in Sasquatch Research (Part 1) | Grasping Sasquatch #10

THIS WEEK, I WILL PRESENT MY LAUDED "SIGNATURE PRESENTATION": "MINIMIZING BIAS IN SASQUATCH RESEARCH (PART 1)"!! PARTS ONE AND TWO (AS A WHOLE) OF THIS TALK HAVE BEEN PRESENTED AT MULTIPLE BFRO AND SOUTHEASTERN SASQUATCH EXPEDITIONS/EVENTS. IT HAS CONSISTANTLY RECIEVED EXCELLENT REVIEWS FROM ATENDEES!! I HOPE YOU WILL JOIN ME FOR THIS EYE OPENING GLIMPSE INTO HOW PSYCHOLOGICAL AND OTHER FORMS OF BIAS CAN UNKOWINGLY CREEP INTO YOUR FIELDWORK RESEARCH FINDINGS!!!We will initially explore the gap vs minimal overlap between Scientific and Experiential Research Expeditions. I will highlight how Psychological Science offers a bridge between these two important and necessary forms of research IF we hope to prove the existence of Sasquatch! We will next explore how Experiential Expedition Process itself is vulnerable to engendering Psychological Bias that Scientific Research Expeditions are able to guard against. This does NOT minimize the importance of Experiential Expeditions, as they serve as the foundation upon which Scientific Research must focus their efforts.We will then move on to examine a variety of forms of Bias the Dedicated Researcher/Investigator must guard against. These include a variety of forms of psychological bias. The following Episode (Part 2) will further explore the role of visual and auditory illusions, as well as pareidolia play in Bias. Part 2 will conclude this series by examining how an inaccurate understanding of the BFRO classification system can lead to the mislabeling of an experience requiring classification! Frequently referencing these BFRO criteria can minimize misclassification! Please join me in this fascinating exploration of Biasing Factors in Sasquatch Research!!! I hope to see you there ... but if you have a schedule conflict, please remember the recorded show is available on YouTube and Facebook the next day or as an auditory podcast on major podcast platforms you might already be using! THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST AND SUPPORT!!