Missing 411: The UFO Connection | Mysterious Library #20

Your hosts Dr. Dean Bertram and Jason McLean kick off 2023 by returning to the audio-visual wing of the Mysterious Library. This week they check out a brand-new documentary release: MISSING 411: THE UFO CONNECTION from David Paulides. Paulides, an ex-law enforcement officer and now one of the most important and controversial researchers in the broader Fortean field, has long chronicled mysterious disappearances in his iconic MISSING 411 books and documentaries. As the title of his brand-new documentary suggest, Paulides posits that there is a UFO connection to a number of disappearances that meet the type of Missing 411 "profile points" that he has collated in his years of research. It is a fascinating film that deserves the type of thorough breakdown you've come to expect from your Mysterious Librarians.