Monster Tales From The Deep and Beyond with Max Hawthorne | Untold Radio AM #171

šŸŽ™ļø Join us on an exhilarating journey into the unknown with Max Hawthorne, in this week's episode of Untold Radio AM! Get ready to explore the shadowy waters where cryptids lurk and the legend of the Megalodon still sends shivers down the spines of the bravest souls.šŸ“š Max Hawthorne, our esteemed guest, is not just an acclaimed author and screenwriter but a treasure trove of knowledge on all things mysterious and prehistoric. Known for his gripping Kronos Rising series and the insightful Monsters & Marine Mysteries, Max brings a unique blend of scientific curiosity and storytelling prowess to our show.šŸ” In this episode:Unravel the secrets of the deep as Max shares his insights on the possibility of Megalodon's existence in today's oceans.Delve into the world of cryptids with discussions on the latest research, sightings, and theories that challenge our understanding of the natural world.Hear about Max's fascinating journey from a Brooklyn-born enthusiast to a bestselling author and a respected figure in the realm of cryptozoology and paleo-fiction.Explore the intersections of science, legend, and imagination as we discuss how these elements come together in Max's writing and research.šŸŽ£ As a world-record-holding angler and an amateur paleontologist, Max doesn't just write about monsters; he actively seeks them in the wild, adding a layer of authenticity and adventure to his tales.šŸ‘» Beyond the deep blue, we'll also touch upon other mysteries and unexplained phenomena covered by the Untold Radio Network. From strange disappearances to life after death, no topic is too daunting for us to explore.šŸŒŸ Hosted by Doug and Alex Hajicek, this episode promises to be a thrilling ride through the realms of the unknown. Whether you're a long-time fan of cryptids, a lover of spine-tingling tales, or just curious about the world's mysteries, this episode is for you!šŸ“Œ Don't forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and HIT the bell icon for more thrilling episodes of Untold Radio AM. Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below ā€“ we love hearing from our listeners!Just click the thumbnail below. The countdown begins NOW.Join Doug Hajicek and Alex each Wednesday on the Untold Radio Network Live at 7 pm Central - 5 pm Pacific and 8 pm Eastern.Come and join the live discussion next week. Please subscribe. We have ten different Professional Podcasts on all the things you like.New favorite shows drop each day only on the UNTOLD RADIO NETWORK.