More Georgia Bigfoot Encounters with Kristen Payton | Untold Radio AM #201

Bigfoot in Georgia? Believe it or not!

Join us for an eye-opening episode of Untold Radio AM as we dive deep into the mysterious world of Sasquatch with our special guest, Kristen Payton. A registered nurse by day and a Bigfoot researcher by night, Kristen shares her incredible journey from skeptic to believer after a life-changing encounter on her family's property.

In this gripping episode:

• Hear Kristen's first-hand account of her Bigfoot sighting at age 16
• Discover the strange occurrences that led her family to suspect a Sasquatch presence
• Learn about the unexpected turns her research has taken, leading her down the rabbit hole of the unknown
• Explore the connection between Bigfoot sightings and eagle nests in Elbert County, GA

Hosted by Doug and Alex Hajicek, this episode promises to challenge your perceptions and open your mind to the possibility that there's more to our world than meets the eye. Whether you're a seasoned Bigfoot enthusiast or a curious skeptic, you won't want to miss this fascinating discussion!

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