Mothman & The Shaver Mystery with Steve Ward | Talking Weird #38

Steve Ward has been fascinated by the unexplained for over half a century. There were two major events that inspired his interest in the unexplained.Growing up in Michigan, the March 1966 UFO flap occurred virtually in his backyard. The following November a winged humanoid chased two couples down a lonely country road near Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The legend of the Mothman was born.Steve would be chasing the Mothman the rest of his life. Influenced primarily by John Keel and Jacques Vallee, his views on UFOs became unconventional and moved more toward a more paranormal explanation.Steve's main area of research is, what some call "high strangeness" or "window areas" (as Keel dubbed them) where disparate types of paranormal phenomena all seem to occur in the same location, and he believes that studying these paranormally active locations may be the key to understanding what the origin behind these manifestations may be.He has his own podcast called The High Strangeness Factor on the Paranormal UK Radio Network, and is a correspondent on Mack Maloney's Military X-Files, which can be found on that same network. Website: currently lives in Point Pleasant, West Virginia & works at The Mothman Museum. He is also writing a book as yet untitled that deals with the underlying patterns that connect different types of Paranormal Phenomena throughout history.Steve visits with your host Dr. Dean Bertram to chat about some of the planet's strangest stories. From Mothman to The Shaver Mystery, this episode ventures into some of the weirder corners of what we call "reality"!So do not miss this insightful and fascinating conversation with one of the most insightful thinkers in the Fortean field today!