Mothman Tragedy with Bill & Jaci Kousoulas | Talking Weird #69

Jaci and Bill Kousoulas, PhD are the authors of "Bridging the Tragedy" a book based upon the 1967 Silver Bridge Disaster in Point Pleasant, WV, Mothman, and post-traumatic growth, a phenomenon that often occurs after tragedy.Book available here:’s interest in the paranormal began in the late seventies with the original Project UFO television series. In 2003, he was introduced to THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES movie, and it changed his life. Jaci is a retired USPS Postmaster and a current business owner/operator. She specializes in research, data analytics, and “connecting the dots” between intuition, perception, and reality.Since 2016, Bill & Jaci have visited Point Pleasant regularly, where they have become friends with several area residents, including Mothman Museum owner Jeff Wamsley and the late Carolin Harris, co-founder of the Mothman Festival. Bill holds a doctorate in psychology, with a focus on post-traumatic growth, the good things that come from bad experiences.The couple visit with Talking Weird on the week of the 56th anniversary of the Silver Bridge collapse, a tragedy often seen as the denouement of the Ohio River Valley's Mothman flap.So get ready for an insightful and moving conversation about Mothman, the Silver Bridge collapse, and the post-traumatic growth of many of the locals who were impacted by the events.