News Alert: Disclosure or Disinformation | Down South Anomalies #33

In the wake of the recent revelation in the news pertaining to the "highest credentialed" military officer going on the record to state that UFO's are not only real but the government also has been deceiving congress over the retrieval of exotic craft and possible alien entities, Jay Katz and Aspasia explore the narrative through archival research of film and television. They show that this smoking gun of a narrative has been around the block many times before and seems to have a consistent cast of characters involved that keep appearing decade after decade. Are we all victims of military perception management that is grappling with its own ability to contain the secrecy that appears to be delegated to this topic? Please check out the work of John Greenewald Jr at "The Black Vault", the writings of Richard Dolan, and the documentaries on You Tube of 'UFO's it has Begun' and UFO's the Truth about Flying Saucers.