Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Bigfoot? | #33 The Bigfoot Influencers

Tim & Dana sit down in person with Salt Fork State Park Naturalist, John Hickenbottom while attending the 2023 Ohio Bigfoot Conference. John shares the rich history of bigfoots in Ohio, and how he went from being skeptical to open minded based on the numerous witnesses that have approached him and his own potential encounters with bigfoots.#Bigfoot, #Sasquatch, #Thebigfootinflueners, #Monsterquest, #Bigfootsightings, #Sasquatchsightings🌟 Help Make The Groundbreaking Scientific Bigfoot Documentary Sequel a Reality.Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science II-A New 3-hour Film-That Will Be the Best Documentary on the Sasquatch Subject Ever!From MonsterQuest Producer – Doug Hajicek, who also produced the original Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science Doc in 2001.Back the Documentary Here:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...Ohio DNR Bigfoot Series:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8_Hl_KPBTkwHc5JOqvgci6RfU_moe64sThe Bigfoot Influencers:https://thebigfootinfluencers.com/Untold Radio AM:https://untoldradioam.com/