Paranormal Science with Dr. C. Michael Scroggins | Paranormal Spectrum #14

Welcome to Paranormal Spectrum, where we illuminate the enigmatic corners of the supernatural world. I'm your host, Barnaby Jones, and today we have a very special guest joining us:

Dr. C. Michael Scroggins has over 40 years in the R&D, Electrical and Project Management Engineering field. Dr. Scroggins has worked in R&D for companies such as British Petroleum, Union Carbide and as a private consultant for emerging technologies and new prototype equipment designer. For Baptist Memorial Hospital System as the Bio-Med Director and System IT Installation Manager, General Services Administration as a Project Director for Presidential Libraries, Power Generation Designer, and over saw the program for monitoring and lowering power usage in all Federal Building in the United States. Currently Dr. Scroggins is a Research Scientist/Senior Electrical Engineer for Deepwater power Distribution Systems for BP. Recently he worked as a Senior Engineer in the automobile and in R&D for a building materials production company. Currently Dr. Scroggins is the Chief Technology Officer for CMS Emerging Technologies, LLC a female veteran owned small business consulting Technologies Company. He is involved in cutting edge Research and Development, working with the separation of subatomic molecular particles to control molecular combinations in their simplest form. Most recently working with the development of energy capturing CNT (Carbon Nanotube) enhanced paint and control system to augment hybrid and electric automobile battery power generation and new motor technologies that increase torque and lower operating costs by up to 30%. In addition to the above technologies, has developed systems to augment the growth and longevity of plants and the microbial counts in the soil. Over the past twenty five years Dr. Scroggins has developed patents for monitoring molecular combinations within the human body to detect early signs of anomalies at early stages within the human body. This coupled with the development and interpretation of cellular reactions to specific forms of excitation has allowed a paradigm shift in the recognition of how the human body reacts to daily stimuli. He holds patents on several areas including: “Medical Diagnostic Tool based upon Non-Destructive Determination of the Material Composition of Internal Organs and Tissues” – “Integral Enhancement of Organic and Inorganic Matters Using Specific Tonal and Vibrational Levels” – “Orbital Motor and Generator” just to mention a few. The research in these areas has opened pathways into understanding how the natural events in molecular combinations affect every aspect within the human body and the world around us. Dr. Scroggins has partnered in the research of adult stem cell activation process to allow the use of the individuals self-produced stem cells to combat the breakdown of the individual’s cellular structures. Working with Dr. Larry Farwell and Dr. Janet Angel to further the work Dr. Farwell has done in brainwave interaction and interpretation and Dr. Angel’s work in environmentally safe oil eating bacteria. Dr. Scroggins currently working with Amelia Vogler (Your Healing Space) Cyndi Dale (President of Life Systems Services) and John Inmon (noted musician and Sound production Guru) on Universal Resonance sound, body and mind frequency alignment. Dr. Scroggins holds degrees in Electronic Engineering, Robotic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Masters in Engineering Project Management and Computer Technology Management with PhD’s in Theology, Metaphysics and currently completing PhD’s in Genetic Anthropology and Cosmology. Dr. Scroggins is affiliated with Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) as a Global Chartered Engineer and recognized as Fellow and Subject Matter Expert in the field of Society of Underwater Technology (SUT) as a Chair person for Subsea Power Distribution Systems and deployment applications.

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