Premiere Episode | Mapping Bigfoot #1

Welcome to the premiere episode of "Mapping Bigfoot," where your host, Scott Tompkins, takes you on an exciting journey into the mysterious world of Bigfoot research, technology, and adventure. In this episode, Scott steps out from behind his usual role as a GIS professional and map creator to bring you engaging and entertaining discussions with experts in the field.

Join Scott as he shares his passion for Bigfoot, showcasing his love for making maps and analyzing data. Get ready for segments like "Making Tracks with Scott," where he takes you into the field for expeditions and research, and "Tech Bytes," where he highlights his favorite gadgets.

Discover new insights with the latest map tools and hotspots, and enjoy Scott's unique sense of humor throughout this captivating exploration of Bigfoot research. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the field, "Mapping Bigfoot" promises to be a fun and informative podcast for all.