Reptilian Caught on Camera? With Max Hawthorne | Talking Weird #78

Max Hawthorne is an American author, screen and songwriter, as well as an avocational paleontologist. Referred to as the “Prince of Paleo-fiction”, he is best known for his Kronos Rising series of sci-fi suspense thrillers which have garnered both Book of the Year and People’s Choice awards. He is the Amazon #1 bestselling author of the cryptid research book, Monsters & Marine Mysteries, Memoirs of a Gym Rat, an outrageous exposé of the health club industry, and the children’s book I Want a Tyrannosaurus for Christmas. His song, A Tyrannosaurus for Christmas, peaked at #2 on the 2021 World Indie Charts. He has been interviewed by both The Washington Post and Fangoria Magazine and has appeared on QVC, Spaced Out Radio, Coast to Coast AM, and in A Tribe Called Quest’s rap video, I Left My Wallet in El Segundo.Max’s experiences with the unknown go back decades. In the summer of 1984, he encountered an unknown creature digging itself out of a grave in a cemetery in Philadelphia, PA. In that same region in 1989, he watched a UFO hurtling across the night sky do an impossible maneuver – a complete and instantaneous 180-degree reversal, with no deceleration or noticeable turning, at a speed that was at least three times that of the commercial jets below it (approximately Mach 2). During the summer of 1993, he observed a huge, anthropoid-like creature, which he believes to be a Sasquatch, for 10-15 minutes as it dived repeatedly for crayfish in a Connecticut lake. On November 22, 2016, Max and his daughter observed a winged entity that had apparently crash-landed in the street near their home. The creature had an estimated wingspan of 3-4 feet and, once it recovered, flew over the author’s SUV. Since then, Max has had multiple encounters with cryptids, to the point he decided to begin documenting his experiences in order to share them with the world.Max visits with Dean to talk about a brand new video that he has just released at: video, captured by Max on a trail cam, seems to show some kind of non-human entity, perhaps cloaked in an energy field. Is it an ET, a reptilian, a ghost, a cryptid, a demon, or something else?Max and Dean discuss the intriguing video, along with some of Max's possible encounters with whatever entity might be seen in the video. It's the first times Max has discussed this in public!