Roger Stankovic: Havana Syndrome, Enemy or Anomaly | Down South Anomalies #65

Returning guest Roger Stankovic is MUFON's National Director for Australia and New Zealand, a former Neuroscientist and lecturer. Roger is now part of the UAP Medical Coalition and has been tasked with investigating the anomalous nature of Havana Syndrome. This syndrome has affected embassy staff and security personnel throughout the world in a devastating fashion. Physical symptoms include nausea, vertigo, migraine headaches, tinnitus and have resulted in some cases to reveal very specific neurological damage. Initially thought to be the result of a microwave or sonic weapon, investigators are now assuming it to be far more anomalous in its origin. Roger has come up with a ground breaking hypothesis that will have you wondering whether we should have ever asked for UAP disclosure! The final minutes of this broadcast Jay and Aspasia's camera shutdown and they were unable o get back on line forcing them to end the program abruptly.