Saint Patrick's Day Special | Talking Weird #30

Join your hosts Dr. Dean Bertram and Jenn Dorrell for Talking Weird's 2023 Saint Patrick's Day Special!This is a fun and wide ranging episode, traveling from the winners of the 2023 MidWest WeirdFest (which were just announced). Including the fest's new "Palmer d'Or" award, instituted to recognize excellence in the sci-fi and paranormal fields today, and to memorialize the legacy of Wisconsin's late Raymond A. Palmer. Once editor of AMAZING STORIES and founder of FATE magazine, Palmer was a central figure in the early days of flying saucer research.The inaugural Palmer d'Or was won by Melissa Tittl for her new documentary CODE 12, which world premiered at the fest.From there, the show quickly moves into the history of Saint Patrick's Day. Of course, with Dean and Jenn, any conversation about Irish history spirals into a chat about the Emerald Isle's Fair Folk mythology (i.e. the fae or the fairies), then all manner of other weirdness.