Sarah Bignell Bigfoot Down Under Australian Yowie Research | Down South Anomalies #9

Sarah Bignell, of Castlemaine, Victoria, has been researching the worldwide bigfoot phenomenon for over 17 years. Now a major figure in Australian cryptozoological research, Sarah is an integral part of the AYR team and works closely with Dean Harrison and their AYR associates, interviewing eyewitnesses and delivering regular updates of their expeditions and discoveries.

Sarah has interviewed over 200 yowie witnesses over the last three years.

On her podcast, Yowie Central, launched in September 2019, she not only interviews many yowie eyewitnesses, but also takes listeners on a deep dive into all manner of other strange phenomena including other cryptids like “dogman”, encounters with ghosts, UFOs and alien abductions, orbs and anything else relating to the mysterious “invisible” world around us.