Sasquatch: A Prehistory of a Living Legend With Guest Ryan Edwards | Monsters on the Edge #49

Ryan Edwards is an acclaimed cryptozoologist and author that was born and raised in San Antonio Texas.
As a child he was a fan of the natural world, paleontology and mysteries. These lead him straight into the arms of cryptozoology.
At a young age Ryan Edwards fell in love with cryptozoology because it demonstrates that there are still mysteries out there in our natural world.
He has spent over ten years researching the menagerie of unrecognized species seen across the world.
At the age of 20 Ryan Edwards was able to get his first book “Cryptids of The World” published.
The book brings in a scientific perspective, into a field that can lack such an important viewpoint.
Now Ryan Edwards spends his time traveling around Texas and the American south lecturing and educating others about this science.
Ryan Edwards’ goal isn’t to force others to believe in these creatures but to educate them and for them to come to their own conclusions.
In the world of cryptozoology there has to be a marriage of both science and superstition, a mix of the logical and the illogical.

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