Sasquatch and Scripture: The Link to the Fallen Ones | Discover Sasquatch #10

Have you ever wondered what it's like to spend half a century tracking Bigfoot across America? Join veteran researcher Tim "Coonbo" Baker on a thrilling journey through the world of Sasquatch. For over 50 years, Tim has dedicated himself to uncovering the truth behind this legendary cryptid.This podcast will dive into Tim's experiences. From chilling encounters in remote forests to analyzing intriguing physical evidence, Tim shares his insights and knowledge accumulated over decades of investigation. Whether you're a seasoned Sasquatch enthusiast or simply curious about the unknown, this podcast is for you. Tune into The Untold Radio Network's Discover Sasquatch Live on YouTube 3/18/24 8 pm EST, and join Tim "Coonbo" Baker as he explores the enduring mystery of Bigfoot in the United States.