Sasquatch Legend Meets Science 2 With Guest Doug Hajieck | Monsters on the Edge #56

Doug Hajicek has had a very successful Television career spanning over 35 years. His accomplishments are also many in the Television and scientific world. His World firsts include building the camera system that filmed the first giant squid well over 54' feet long living in its natural habitat. See (Predators of The Deep) 2 hour History Channel Special 2020. He was also responsible for Filming the first ever birth of wild Black Bears and the first to document wild Mammals of different species co-habituating. He is the Creator and Producer for the hit TV series "MonsterQuest" airing on: The History Channel, 4 seasons. 70 one hour episodes. Doug Hajicek resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Hajicek also invented interactive and patented Augmented Holographic theaters. He also Hosts the Popular Untold Radio AM live show and Podcast since 2020. Hajicek also has many writing credits along with the creation of a many Book Covers. He has appeared on the Today Show numerous times, along with hundreds of podcasts and Magazine articles including Newsweek.

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