Scary Summary of Sasquatch with Adam Colt | Untold Radio AM #165

šŸ‘£ On this spine-chilling episode of Untold Radio AM, Doug and Alex Hajicek delve into the mysterious world of Bigfoot with this week's special guest, Adam Colt, a seasoned Bigfoot researcher who utilizes cutting-edge technology and cameras to seek out the elusive creature. šŸŽ„šŸŒ² Adam will share his most harrowing experiences and fascinating findings from his research in the field. What does the latest science and technology reveal about the existence of Bigfoot?Are there new pieces of evidence that could finally prove the existence of this cryptic creature?Tune in to find out!Just click the thumbnail below. The countdown begins NOW.Join Doug Hajicek and Alex each Wednesday on the Untold Radio Network Live at 7pm Central - 5pm Pacific and 8pm Eastern.Come and Join the live discussion next week. Please subscribe. We have ten different Professional Podcasts on all the things you like.New favorite shows drop each day only on the UNTOLD RADIO NETWORK.