"The Ketchum" Bigfoot DNA Study- Controversies & Questions | Grasping Sasquatch #26

Delve Into the Most Controversial and Contentious Scientific Study in Bigfoot History: “The Ketchum” Bigfoot DNA Study. The Viewer will Better Appreciate the Challenges Associated with Analyzing Bigfoot DNA from hair samples, as well as some Debatable Scientific Issues Associated with the Landmark “Ketchum DNA Study.” This show WILL NOT pander to the advocates or detractors of Dr. Ketchum’s work. As with all his shows; it will be based on the scientific lessons, principles, and techniques learned by Dr. Baranchok during his training as a Counseling Psychologist, and his 40+ years of practice as a Rehabilitation Psychologist, Neuropsychologist, Pain Psychologist, and Psychotherapist using the Scientist Practitioner Model. It WILL NOT examine the rumors and innuendos associated with this Important work. We will examine its Scientific Strengths and Weaknesses as Valuable Lessons in Scientific Method. Please View this Extremely Important Live Show for all of the Bigfoot Community. Don’t miss it!PLEASE NOTE: As is true for all his shows; the ideas, thoughts, hypothesis, advice and entire content put forth in this show are solely those of the host: John S. Baranchok, Ph.D. They DO NOT represent those of the owners, representatives, or affiliates of the Untold Radio Network, in ANY form or fashion.LIVE- Monday, March 11, 2024, at our New Extended Time Slot of 6 PM Eastern Time, 5 PM Central Time, 4 PM Mountain Time, or 3 PM Pacific. Be part of his live audience with Super Chat Interaction.Please SUBSCRIBE and hit the NOTIFICATION BELL so you'll be able to attend New Episodes of Grasping Sasquatch. You will also enjoy the other awesome shows on the Untold Radio Network!… but if you can’t attend, please remember that the recorded show can be viewed on YouTube, and through the Untold Radio Network soon after the show! An Audio Podcast Version can also be Downloaded from Most Major Podcast Platforms!Please SUBSCRIBE to support our efforts to entertain and inform! Only your FREE SUBSCRIPTION will allow us to continue to bring you our awesome programs! #Bigfoot, #Sasquatch, #Science, #DNA, #Bigfoot DNA, #Sasquatch DNA, #Dr. #Melba #Ketchum