Search for the Wisconsin Sasquatch With Jay Bachochin | Discover Sasquatch #5

Deep in the emerald labyrinth of the Wisconsin Kettle Moraine, where ancient glaciers carved rolling hills and whispered secrets, lurks a legend older than time itself. Join us as we delve into the shadows alongside a man consumed by its allure, a relentless investigator who walks between science, paranormal, and myth. Jay Bachochin has dedicated his life to unraveling the enigma of the Kettle Moraine Sasquatch. From analyzing sights and sounds to traversing the dense forest at night, his pursuit for truth is unwavering. Join us as we explore Jay's investigative methods, his encounters, and the very essence of what compels him to chase a creature that may or may not exist. The hunt for the Wisconsin Sasquatch begins Monday night at 8 pm EST on The Untold Radio Network's Discover Sasquatch