Searching for Sasquatch with Jason Kenzie | Talking Weird #87

Jason has worked as an animal photojournalist since 1997 traveling the world in over 25 different countries meeting and photographing people who live with all kinds of exotic animals, from, tigers, grizzly bears, wolves, and kangaroos to everything in between.

His website - - and YouTube channel - document his love for animals.

His other accomplishments are:
Four children's books - titled Adventures of Lil Jay - about a six-year-old boy who uses his imagination to travel the world meeting new animal friends.
A Bigfoot book titled "Everything We Know About the Legendary Bigfoot".
A Bigfoot graphic novel titled Searching for Sasquatch: The Hidden Treasure of Bigfoot Valley.

With only a video camera a flashlight and no fear, Jason goes headfirst into the darkness determined to solve the mystery of Bigfoot.

Jason has directed multiple International award-winning Bigfoot documentaries titled Searching for Sasquatch which is seen worldwide on streaming platforms such as Tubi, Amazon Prime Video, and Plex TV.

Currently, Jason is in post-production on a paranormal documentary titled Paranormal Adventures: The Haunted Goatman Bridge.

In 2024, Jason will be in production, filming The Florida Skunk Ape, about a Bigfoot-like creature that terrorizes the swamps of Florida.Jason is also in pre-production filming a Bigfoot documentary called Survival Bigfoot where two Bigfoot researchers get dropped off by helicopter into the deep dark mountains in upper New York State and must survive for 5 nights in the lair of the Sasquatch.

Jason visits with Talking Weird to chat about his search for the elusive Sasquatch. This is a fun and fascinating episode, with an incredibly entertaining guest!