Shakespeare Revelations with Katherine Chiljan & Mark Eddy | Talking Weird #64

Katherine Chiljan is an independent scholar who has studied the Shakespeare authorship question for over 28 years.( )A graduate of U.C.L.A. (B.A. History), Chiljan became interested in the controversy when Charlton Ogburn, author of The Mysterious William Shakespeare (1984), appeared in a TV debate with a Shakespeare professor. She then started doing her own research, eventually publishing two anthologies about the 17th Earl of Oxford, and acting as editor of the Shakespeare-Oxford Newsletter.In 2003, she debated English professors on the topic at the Smithsonian Institution. Chiljan was inspired to write SHAKESPEARE SUPPRESSED: THE UNCENSORED TRUTH ABOUT SHAKESPEARE AND HIS WORKS (2011) after hearing a prominent English professor insult doubters of the traditional Shakespeare on national television. The book took almost 7 years to complete and earned her an award for distinguished scholarship from Concordia University, Portland, OR, in April 2012.Mark Eddy works with Barbara DeLong on the "Night-Light Network" delving into eclectic topics and ancient mysteries.Katherine and Mark visit with Dean on Talking Weird to chat about the Shakespeare authorship controversy. They will examine a wide range of clues and facts which suggest that the true author of the world's most famous plays was not the traditionally accredited "Bard of Avon".Get ready for a fascinating examination of one of the most compelling and long lasting mysteries of the literary world: Who was the "real" Shakespeare?