Sir NoFace Trilogy: Hoax or Alien Conspiracy? | Mysterious Library #11

Your hosts Dr. Dean Bertram and Jason McLean venture into the audio-visual wing of the Mysterious Library to consider a trilogy of documentary films from paranormal investigator Chad Caleck: SIR NOFACE, TWO FACE: THE GREY, and PHANTOM RIDER.
What begins in the first documentary as an investigation into an alleged video of a "full body apparition", filmed at Sydney, Australia's Cockatoo Island, spirals by the second film into suspicions that the figure captured on film is actually a "Grey" extraterrestrial, before segueing into theories of a massive military industrial conspiracy, which is filled-out in the third installment.
Was the original video a ghost, an ET, or a hoax? Is the world on the brink of a fake alien invasion? Or are the ETs themselves standing by to invade the planet?
The Mysterious Librarians will consider these questions and more, when they examine Chad Caleck's SIR NOFACE trilogy!