Snellgrove Lake Sasquatch Encounter | Discover Sasquatch #12

Have you ever heard a sound that chills you to the bone? In this episode of Discover Sasquatch, we head to the remote wilderness of Snellgrove Lake, Ontario, alongside a team of intrepid adventurers on a Sasquatch expedition. Join us as we delve into their experiences, their search for the elusive creature, and a encounter that leaves them questioning everything they thought they knew.

Three of the crew members report a bone-rattling knock unlike anything they've ever heard. Was it a territorial Sasquatch, or something else entirely? We analyze the evidence, interview the crew, and explore the folklore surrounding the legendary Sasquatch.

Is Snellgrove Lake a hotspot for Sasquatch activity? Tune in to The Untold Network's Discover Sasquatch 4/1/24 8pm est for this thrilling episode as we venture into the unknown, searching for answers in the deep woods.This is no joke!!