Snow White Bigfoot (Angie Sedgmer) and the 7 Sasquatch? | Down South Anomalies Ep #71

Angie Sedgmer aka Snow White Bigfoot lives on 300 acres of beautiful bushland in Ohio. A keen photographer she was initially drawn to documenting unusual structures that were appearing on her property. Jim her husband who has lived on this property much longer started to recant odd stories of sounds & activity. Angie went straight into detective mode and studied everything she could on the subject of bigfoot. Eventually Jim & Angie both realised they were co-habituating with this parallel hominin (possibly a family). Hence the YouTube channel Snow White Bigfoot was born and she started uploading her profound visual diary (please go to her site and subscribe). What they have captured & documented so far if evaluated authentically will turn science on its head. Humble, sincere and integrous Angie may just be one of the most important researchers this field could ever have.LinksSnow White Bigfoot and Alex Hajicek interview Angie Noel Impossible Visits.