Spirit Communication with Jenn Dorrell | Talking Weird #25

Get ready for a very special Talking Weird, with the return of co-host Jenn Dorrell to the show (for this episode anyway)! Jenn, who is a sensitive and paranormal researcher, will be chatting with Dean about her recent paranormal experiences and spirt communications. Her fascination with the otherworld was triggered by a nighttime visitation from an unknown woman. Years later, she relayed this experience to family members.

They realized that the “unknown” visitor was no stranger, but rather Jenn's great grandmother who had passed away four years before Jenn was born. This initial encounter seemed to open a door for other anomalous happenings in Jenn's life, including: Shadow people, disembodied voices, astral projection, lights in the sky, sleep paralysis, and her sense of never being alone.

Coming from a Baptist background, Jenn's encounters were dismissed by friends and loved ones. She was left to face an array of strange phenomena alone. It wasn’t until she entered her forties, that Jenn decided to try and make peace with the unseen forces surrounding her. Join us tonight for what will be a fascinating conversation with a regular experiencer of the spirit world!