Spy vs Spy Haydn Keenan "A Person of Interest" | Down South Anomalies #63

Jay and Aspasia interview the maverick director, writer and researcher Haydn Keenan about his documentary series "Persons of Interest". For forty years the Australian Intelligence & Security Organisation (ASIO) hunted spies and subversives. In the process it opened files on students, unionists, Aboriginal activists, and writers and as many as half a million other citizens. Persons Of Interest shows how things really happened in this dirty war against dissent. Using actual files, recently discovered secret surveillance film and photographs, these films are the personal stories of lives under the microscope of Government surveillance. In light of the Snowden, NSA scandal and with ASIO possessing more power than ever - Persons Of Interest is a timely addition to the debate.https://www.youtube.com/@smartstreetfilms5563https://www.smartstreetfilms.com.au/