Strange Cryptids with Bob Antone | Talking Weird #31

Born and raised in the Cascade Mountains, Bob Antone hails from a family of storytellers, artists and musicians. He and his wife Laura have spent years collecting folktales and legends of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.Having listened to countless family stories regarding UFO'S, Bigfoot, strange supernatural beings, ghost towns, logging camps, railroaders and bootleggers, Bob brings authentic 1st hand and oral histories for all ages and diverse audience. With his wife Laura, he authored the 2019 book "The Odd Man Up". Look for it on Amazon Kindle.Bob visits with Dean and Jenn to share just some of the mesmerizing tales that he has collected over the years: From Bigfoot accounts, through tales of little known cryptids and angelic beings, to UFOs and bedroom visitations.This is a fascinating and wide-ranging episode!