Strange Sasquatch Communication with Field Investigator Jason B. Miller | Untold Radio AM #169

Welcome to another captivating episode of the Untold Radio Network, where the unexplained becomes explained! In this week's episode, join hosts Doug and Alex Hajicek as they delve into the enigmatic world of Bigfoot with renowned Field Investigator, Jason B. Miller, a Ret. Army Medic.🔍 In This Episode:Unveiling the Unknown: Jason B. Miller shares his groundbreaking findings in Bigfoot research, revealing aspects of Sasquatch that will astonish even the most seasoned enthusiasts.Decoding Sasquatch Signals: Discover the latest insights into the mysterious communication patterns of these elusive beings. What are they trying to say? Are we close to understanding their language?Field Encounters: Jason recounts his most thrilling and perplexing encounters in the wild. Each story brings us closer to understanding the reality of Bigfoot.Your Questions Answered: Jason addresses the burning questions from our audience. Get ready for some eye-opening answers!Just click the thumbnail below. The countdown begins NOW.Join Doug Hajicek and Alex each Wednesday on the Untold Radio Network Live at 7 pm Central - 5 pm Pacific and 8 pm Eastern.Come and join the live discussion next week. Please subscribe. We have ten different Professional Podcasts on all the things you like.New favorite shows drop each day only on the UNTOLD RADIO NETWORK.#BigfootResearch, #BigfootSightings, #SasquatchMysteries, #Cryptozoology, #BigfootEvidence, #FieldInvestigation, #BigfootCommunications, #BigfootEncounters, #SasquatchHunt, #CryptidExploration, #BigfootLegends, #WildlifeMysteries, #ForestCryptids, #NatureUnexplained, #BigfootReality, #SasquatchStudies, #BigfootTracking, #CryptidScience, #MysteriousCreatures, #BigfootExpedition