Strange Things in the Sky with Horace Smith | Talking Weird #35

Horace Smith, Michigan State University Professor Emeritus of Astronomy and Physics, returns to Talking Weird!He discusses his latest book THE GREAT METEOR PROCESSION:"On the evening of February 9, 1913, a dazzling stream of fireballs astonished onlookers from the cold prairies of Canada to the tropical South Atlantic Ocean. This book follows the century-long effort to understand the nature of this Great Meteor Procession. Satellites, saints, scientists, spaceships, and space rocks enter the tale as the story unfolds. Related phenomena, including the great fireballs of 1783 and 1860, bring the 1913 event into context, and introduce Walt Whitman's poetry to the story."Available from Amazon here: Smith also chats with Dean about UFOs, haunted observatories, the Northern Lights, and the works of Charles Fort!This is a thought-provoking episode, and one that you don't want to miss!