Terrifying “Double” Bigfoot Witnesses with Hypnotherapist Theresa May | Untold Radio AM #198

In Episode 198, hosts Doug and Alex Hajicek provide an exclusive sneak peek of the highly anticipated 'Legend Meets Science II' documentary.

This episode showcases the incredible stories of witnesses who underwent hypnotherapy to uncover the hidden details of their Bigfoot encounters. Each sighting, independently verified by two eyewitnesses, gains new perspective as we explore the subconscious memories and emotions that surface during these powerful regression sessions.

Through the expertly guided process of hypnotherapy, witness the transformation as these individuals relive their encounters with astonishing clarity. From the heart-pounding moments of first contact to the lingering impact on their lives, these sessions provide an unprecedented glimpse into the reality of the Bigfoot phenomenon.

As always, Untold Radio brings you the perfect blend of cutting-edge science and captivating storytelling. We'll delve into the implications of these regression sessions, discussing how they contribute to our understanding of Bigfoot and challenge conventional beliefs.

Don't miss this mind-expanding episode as we push the boundaries of Bigfoot research and explore the untold stories that lie beneath the surface. Tune in now and embark on a thrilling journey into the world of the unexplained!