Terrifying Serial Killer Hauntings with Melissa Dawn | Talking Weird #68

Melissa Dawn is the host of The Ghostly Archives Podcast: https://www.ghostlyarchives.com/The mission of her show and website is to record, write, and preserve ghostly folklore tales from around the world.Originally born in Canada as a Gen-Xr in the 1970s, Melissa has spent her life collecting ghostly folklore. She started out writing and making e-Zines for an online blog The Curious Fortean in 2015. She worked behind the scenes as Art Director and Graphic Designer to found The Folklore Podcast in 2016. Melissa started her own podcast with a co-host in 2018 called Drawing Out The Spirits, and then launched her solo show in 2019: The Secret Door Podcast.She immigrated to the U.S in 2022 and has been able to focus on her passion for finding ghostly lore, and looking at peoples paranormal experiences from the past and the present.Melissa visits with Talking Weird to chat about some of America's most notorious serial killers - including Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein - along with tales that they have continued to haunt the living, after death!Don't miss this creepy and spine-tingling episode!