The Bigfoot Trap with Aaron Mirtes | Talking Weird #26

Aaron Mirtes is a Nashville-based genre filmmaker, known for his viral horror hit CLOWNTERGEIST (2017) and his recent nerve-shredding thrillers AMERICAN HUNT (2019) and PAINTED IN BLOOD (2022). His newest film, THE BIGFOOT TRAP is his eighth feature film as director.
Starting out in micro-budget horror "mockbusters", Aaron quickly grew into making more intense, twisty thrillers.

He is currently in production on his ninth feature film ESCAPE POD, a sci-fi chamber thriller. Aaron visits with Talking Weird to chat about his brand new film THE BIGFOOT TRAP which will have its world premiere at the 7th annual MidWest WeirdFest, March 3-5, at the Micon Downtown Cinema in Downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin Aaron has a keen interest in all things cryptid, so join us for what will be a fun and lively chat about Bigfoot, the actual Sasquatch trap in Rogue River, Oregon, and how to do justice to the hairy man of the woods on the big screen! Tune in to the show, tonight,