The Dogman Triangle | Mysterious Library #47

Your hosts Dr. Dean Bertram and Jason McLean are back in the audio-visual wing of the Mysterious Library. This week they check out the new Small Town Monsters documentary: THE DOGMAN TRIANGLE: WEREWOLVES IN THE LONE STAR STATE, from filmmaker Seth Breedlove. Do real werewolves exist in the lone star state? Dozens of terrified witnesses have recounted seeing something that seems to defy our own understanding of the animal kingdom. Something primordial and horrifying. A massive, upright-walking canid. Now, author, Aaron Deese joins investigator Shannon LeGro for a road trip across the state of Texas in search of pieces to a puzzle that Deese is slowly assembling. A puzzle that seems to point to a bizarre preponderance of sightings taking place between three key points on the map. A puzzle that he has begun calling "the dogman triangle". The search for answers is on, and the stakes are high as Small Town Monsters digs into the most bizarre paranormal mystery of our time. The fascinating and at times creepy documentary features a range of other prominent cryptozoologists and researchers including Lyle Blackburn, Ken Gerhard, and Nick Redfern. Join your Mysterious Librarians as they take a Texas-sized bite into the film in this week's episode.