The Great Lakes Area - The New Sasquatch Hotspot with Rob Karnafel | Untold Radio AM #195

Welcome to another thrilling episode of Untold Radio AM! This week, hosts Doug Hajicek and Alex Hajicek dive deep into the mysterious world of Bigfoot with a special guest, Rob Karnafel, also known as Bigfoot Michigan Rob.

Rob Karnafel, a renowned author and successful podcast host, joins us to share his incredible journey and the true cryptid encounters that inspired his book, "Bigfoot Michigan Rob Presents: True Cryptid Encounters - Book One."

In this episode, we'll explore:

The astonishing eyewitness accounts of Sasquatch sightings in the abundant wilderness of North America's state and national parks.

The terrifying and eye-opening stories of encounters with mysterious entities like Dogman and other cryptids.

Rob's personal encounter with Bigfoot in Michigan that led to the creation of his YouTube channel and his first book.

Rob's expertise and passion for uncovering the untold stories of the cryptid, UFO, and paranormal realms will leave you questioning: Are we truly alone in the forest? 🌲👽

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