The Missouri Bigfoot with Shane Carpenter | The Bigfoot Influencers #31

2 waiting Scheduled for Apr 23, 2023 #Bigfoot #MonsterquestTim and Dana have a fascinating conversation with the 2022 Bigfooter of the Year, as recognized by the Bigfoot Times. Shane discussing his personal account and then get's into the compelling research he is performing in an area of Missouri they call The 400. They dive into sightings, trackways, the possible family group, the upcoming documentary, and additional personal accounts in the research area. Join us for this amazing chat with Shane.#Bigfoot, #Sasquatch, #Thebigfootinflueners, #Monsterquest, #Bigfootsightings, #SasquatchsightingsLegends Meets Science 2 Documentary Kickstarter by MonsterQuest Producer Doug HajicekBack the Documentary Here:­čîč Help Make The Groundbreaking Scientific Bigfoot Documentary Sequel a Reality.Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science II-A New 3-hour Film-That Will Be the Best Documentary on the Sasquatch Subject Ever!Leave us a comment