The Mysterious Grinning Man with Ashley Hilt | Talking Weird #74

Ashley Hilt is a Fortean investigator, engaging lecturer, author, and the captivating host of the podcast "On Wednesdays, We Talk Weird." With a passion for exploring the mysterious and unexplained, Ashley delves into the realms of the supernatural, paranormal, and bizarre, sharing her insights with a curious audience. Her multifaceted approach to the unknown makes her a distinctive voice in the world of weird phenomena.Ashley's Linktree: visits with Talking Weird to chat about Indrid Cold; the mysterious "grinning man" and alleged extraterrestrial from "Lanulos" who first contacted Woody Derenberger on a rural West Virginian backroad one rainy November night in 1966.Beyond Derenberger's own writings, Indrid Cold was further popularized in Gray Barker's THE SILVER BRIDGE, and John Keel's classic work THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES. Cold continues to haunt the fringes of paranormal experiences and thought, being featured in more recent works including Allen Greenfield's SECRET CIPHER OF THE UFONAUTS and the popular paranormal series HELLIER.Ashley and Dean also chat about phenomena inextricably linked to the legend of Indrid Cold, including Mothman and the the Men In Black.This is a fascinating conversation that you do not want to miss!