The Philadelphia Experiment with Maxim Furek | Talking Weird #59

Maxim W. Furek is an avid student of the paranormal. His eclectic background includes aspects of psychology, addictions, and rock journalism. He has a master’s degree in Communications from Bloomsburg University and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Aquinas College.His book, SHEPPTON: THE MYTH, MIRACLE, AND MUSIC was featured on Australia’s Mysterious Universe. He contributes to Fate Magazine, Normal Paranormal, and Paranormal Underground.He returns to Talking Weird to chat about the enduring mystery which is the Philadelphia Experiment.This month marks the 80th anniversary of the alleged experiment, wherein the US Navy allegedly made the USS Eldridge disappear, or go invisible, with disturbing and far-reaching ramifications. The story features in Max's recent book: COAL REGION HOODOO: PARANORMAL TALES FROM THE PIT. (Available here: )The books explores the Pennsylvania high strangeness that gave birth to THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, THE BLOB, and THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT It has been described as “A fascinating look into Pennsylvania’s paranormal wormhole through a never-seen-before sociological and popular culture lens.”Max's journey takes us beyond the netherworlds of Centralia, Sheppton, Chestnut Ridge, and The Pennhurst Asylum. It looks into the eyes of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren and the twisted souls of serial killer Gary Heidnik and Richard Sharpe Shaver, while exploring the preternatural secrets of Bigfoot, cryptids, Kecksburg, The Smurl Haunting, Pennsylvania Dutch Powwowing, and Roman Catholic Mysticism. Miners claim that being trapped in the bottom of a coal mine is as close as one can ever get to being in Hell. COAL REGION HOODOO takes us even closer inside that forbidden, paranormal pit.Max also discusses the Philadelphia Experiment in his brand new book, which was just released this week: FLYING SAUCER ESOTERIC: THE ALTERED STATES OF UFOLOGY ( )Every serious student of the saucers needs to have this important book in their library! THE FLYING SAUCER ESOTERIC captures an amazing sequence of events that has seeped into our collective consciousness. Here, the storied contributions of contactees, abductees, space explorers, and hoaxers weave unimaginable kaleidoscopic colors into the rich tapestry of ufology. Buckle up your seatbelts. Prepare for warp-speed drive beyond space and time, thrusting into history’s most amazing UFO events. The time is now!Don't miss this fascinating episode!