The Psychology of Bigfoot Encounters with Steve Kulls | Monsters on the Edge #62

Steve Kulls, also known as "Steve Kulls the Squatchdetective," is a prominent figure in Bigfoot research. He is a dedicated investigator who has spent years studying the elusive creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch.
Kulls gained recognition for investigating and analyzing alleged Bigfoot sightings and evidence. He employs a scientific and analytical approach to his research, utilizing various techniques such as forensic analysis, audio analysis, and witness interviews to evaluate the credibility of Bigfoot-related claims.
He has been involved in numerous expeditions and field investigations, collaborating with other researchers and organizations to seek evidence of Bigfoot's existence. Kulls has also appeared in documentaries, radio shows, and podcasts and has written three books to discuss his findings and share his insights on the subject.
Throughout his career, Steve Kulls has actively promoted critical thinking and evidence-based research within the Bigfoot community. He encourages fellow researchers and enthusiasts to approach the subject with skepticism and objectivity, striving for a scientific understanding of Bigfoot rather than relying solely on anecdotal accounts and speculation.
Kulls continues to contribute to Bigfoot research, striving to uncover the truth behind this enduring mystery through his dedication, knowledge, and investigative skills.

Psychology of a Bigfoot:

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