The Real Horrors of Found Footage with Nick Toti & Rachel Kempf | Talking Weird #81

In 2020, screenwriter Rachel Kempf and indie filmmaker Nick Toti moved from Los Angeles to rural Missouri to make weird, low-budget horror movies. They have never regretted this decision.In addition to making movies together, they also run DieDieBooks, an indie press that publishes books about scary movies. DieDieBooks has been featured in Dread Central, Nightmare Nostalgia, and The Pitch KC. this episode of Talking Weird, Nick and Rachel will not only be discussing their publishing endeavors, but also their unique and terrifying feature film IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS.The incredible feature film blends fact and fiction in a found footage horror film featuring nearly 20 years of archival video: When Nick and Rachel buy an abandoned duplex to shoot their next indie horror film in, they are delighted to find random strangers are drawn to the building, gathering outside to stare at it in a zombie-like trance. What begins as an effort to document the cult quickly escalates into an increasingly ecstatic quest to see just how scary their real-life horror movie can get.This will be a fascinating, fun, and at times creepy conversation, fresh on the heels of the most recent screening of Nick and Rachel's film at the 16th A Night of Horror International Film Festival. Do not miss it!